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Administrative prosecution

The insecurity of private businesses is primarily stemming from the shaky financial and economic situation in our country, from legitimacy gaps and a high level of corruption in legal, as well as other fiscal bodies.

Our lawyers will protect your interests during court proceedings on the cases of administrative offences against customs regulations.

We render a comprehensive legal support to our clients:

  • we check the legal cause of the proceedings initiated against administrative offences;
  • we define the basis for the termination of proceedings on cases concerning administrative offences;
  • we develop legal proposition, search and present the necessary evidence;
  • we arrange and carry out neutral evaluations;
  • we control the validity and observance of the rights of our clients in the course of administrative investigation;
  • we challenge the rulings on the cases of administrative offenses in superior customs authorities and courts of all jurisdictions;
  • we challenge the size of administrative penalties
  • we recover the losses from customs authorities for illegitimate initiation of proceedings on the cases of administrative offence;
  • we protect the interests of Russian and foreign international transportation carriers in customs authorities and in courts of all jurisdictions.

The main task of our lawyers is to provide prompt and effective legal support to the foreign economic activity participants in the event of proceedings initiated on the cases of administrative offences or in the event of other kinds of administrative prosecution by customs authorities.

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