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Getting advance customs classification of goods

In case if a declarant rightfully doubts which Customs Union unified foreign economic activity goods nomenclature code needs to be assigned to specific goods, especially when this decision greatly influences the amount of customs duties and taxes, in accordance with the customs law of the Customs Union the declarant can get advanced customs classification of goods. The document is provided by the RF Federal Customs Service and specific customs authorities upon the request from interested parties. The declarant, the owner or the buyer of goods may be an interested party.

According to paragraph 6 of article 52 of the Customs Code, the advance customs classification in accordance with the foreign economic activity goods nomenclature is compulsory for all RF customs authorities.

As a rule, it takes 90 days for customs authorities to process the request about the advance customs classification from the moment when the application is submitted. But quite often they find out that some necessary accompanying documents are missing or the application doesn’t comply with the legal requirements, or there’s not enough information. In this case, the processing terms may be extended or the customs authority may refuse to make a decision concerning the advance customs classification. Our lawyers can help you to get the classifying decision without having to go through these situations.

We will carry out a detailed analysis of the existing rules, clarifications and explanatory notes concerning the Customs Union unified foreign economic activity goods nomenclature, of current letters and clarifications made by State Customs Committee and Russian Federal Customs Service concerning the classification of specific goods. We will carefully study the databases of customs classifications made by the Russian Federal Customs Service and case studies related to declaring goods, as well as other sources of information. Then we will draw up an application to the Federal Customs Service with a reference to the current norms and standards and supply all the necessary accompanying documents.

During the next step we will submit the application and a complete package of accompanying documents to the Russian Federal Customs Service and will control the progress as the application is viewed by all the necessary departments and divisions of the Russian Federal Customs Service until the final decision is made.

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