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Customs value adjustment

Getting the payment drawback by a judicial procedure is a common practice in this case.

Our Company has a large and positive experience of conducting similar court proceedings with subsequent collection of court costs from customs authorities, which makes our customs value adjustment services practically free for our clients.

Please note that additional customs payments charged as a result of the customs value adjustment can in certain cases be returned for the period of three years from the moment when your declaration was registered.

This service may be interesting to declarants, customs agents and other people who render customs clearance services and have their own import merchants.

Customs value adjustment is probably one of the most frequent cases when customs authorities disagree with the declared product information. The same procedure leads to many court proceedings involving customs authorities. However, in spite of it being so frequent many participants in the foreign economic activities aren’t ready for a situation when a customs authority refuses to accept the declared customs value of a product.

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