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Charging additional customs payments

Now the information in customs declarations is often checked by Russian customs authorities for validity. The number of office audits of the foreign economic activity participants has been constantly growing. As a result of these audits, the CU UGN FEA (Customs Union Unified Foreign Economic Activity Goods Nomenclature) code declared during the customs clearance process is often replaced with a different code which, in turn, often leads to charging “additional” customs payments.

Considering the fact that the timeline for the fulfillment of the customs payment demand doesn’t normally exceed 20 days, the foreign economic activity participants practically have no opportunity to apply to court and get any decision before the deadline, so they often agree with the demands of the customs authorities and pay all the necessary duties. But few people know that this payment request is actually a non-binding ruling of customs authorities, which makes it possible to take injunctive measures like suspending the validity of the challenged decisions of the customs authority. In other words, you need to submit a request about taking injunctive measures together with the statement challenging the decision of customs authorities. It takes three days to process the request and in case of a positive decision the fulfillment of the customs demands is suspended until the court ruling on the appeal comes into legal force.

Our lawyers will help you to make the case in order to invalidate the non-binding rulings of customs authorities and request the court to take injunctive measures. They will also give you the necessary support in the process of your court hearing.

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